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Hygger Mini Heater

Until recently I’d never heard of Hygger until my friend Jessie AKA, Corydorablecaliaquariums, started reviewing some of their products. And then Hygger contacted me and asked if I’d like to review some of their products too.

I’m primarily a koi keeper so they don’t have a lot of products I could use, but when I checked their site, I spotted a cool little heater. I have a small tank and it looked like a perfect fit.

The image on the left shows the contents of the package. On the right I’ve removed the protective cover.

My old heater was working fine, but you never know when they’ll go out. I have a spare, but really like the looks of the Hygger unit. Most heaters have a setting dial on the top. It makes me nervous having that in the tank.

The Old Unit

The Hygger heater’s control is remote and pretty slick. When you start clicking the Set button the temperature will change. When it get’s to where you want it, just stop clicking. After it blinks three times it’s set. If the temperature is below the set point the indicator will show red. When it reaches the set point it turns blue.

I have it plugged into my Apex controller so I failsafe things by shutting it down if the water temperature exceeds the setpoint. After running for a bit I was happy to see it maintains the temperature a bit more smoothly than the old unit.

You can clearly see from the Apex temperature record when the new heater was installed and see how much smoother it runs. In addition to this demonstrated better performance the HG031 has several other features that makes it desirable.

  • Easy to Read Digital Temperature Display in F or C.
    • Setpoint Memory in Case Power is Lost
    • Auto Shutoff if Water Level Drops or Heater Removed From Water

Hygger has a wide range of heaters available for all tank sizes. Based on my experience I’d heartily recommend you check them out if you need a new heater. If you want this one, you can get it HERE!.

You can learn more about their products and purchase them here.