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The name says it all. Biohome Ultimate Media is the ultimate media for canister, HOB and sump filters.

1 kg occupies about 72 cu in. To see how much your filter requires return to the Home page and click on the link at the top, “How Much Do I Need”.

Biohome Ultimate is identical to Mini with the addition of trace elements, including iron and maganese, to support beneficial bacteria growth. Bacteria growth in Ultimate is very fast to control ammonia and nitrite.

Complimentary Filter Starter Balls (1/4 bag per kg)  are shipped with each order to speed filter maturity. It recovers quickly after the use of medications.

Biohome allows both nitrifying (aerobic) and denitrifying (anaerobic) bacteria to grow on and through it’s unique structure. This allows it to also control nitrates. Check the Rules of Thumb for Nitrate Reduction to estimate how much you’ll need to reduce the nitrates in your pond or tank.

Ultimate Media is a biological filter media and good mechanical filtration must be provided to insure the water passing through it does not contain any debris that might clog it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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118 reviews for Biohome Ultimate Media

  1. Will M (verified owner)

    I am very happy. First of all, we all know the product is AMAZING. Thankfully that is only part of the story. I reached out to Don and received a fast and informative response. When you order your product it will be shipped Priority. For me, My package arrived 4 days early from the posted date. That is CA to NY in 48 hours with a nearly 5 lb package. Very good product, very good service and very good shipping make this an EXCEPTIONAL customer experience for me. Thank you Don!

    • Don Chamberlain (verified owner)

      Thanks for the great review. I’m glad it got there so quickly. It doesn’t always work that well, but generally USPS does a pretty good job. I hope you like the Ultimate.
      Happy New Year. Stay safe, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  2. Rahul Pawar

    I am from India (Mumbai). I came to know about this media on youtube channel by PONDGURU. It is really amazing media. Since i am using this media in my freshwater tank external Eheim 250 filter my Ammonia and Nitrite is always 0 PPM. It is really amazing filter media and it is friendly to pocket also. If you really need best result then you must setup your filter in such way where the water must flow out from this media at last stage. Thanks for making such awesome media……

    • Don Chamberlain (verified owner)

      Thanks for the great comments. I’m glad India now has an online dealer, Cody Impex.
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  3. Susan Briggs (verified owner)

    I recently upgraded my filtration on my large South American cichlid tank as my bioload is increasing as my fish are attaining adult size. I added a second Fluval 407 with additional Biohome Ultimate, set up as recommended by the Pond Guru. Previously, my nitrates stayed below 20 ppm with weekly 25% water changes with Biohome Ultimate. It’s important to match the amount of biomedia with your bioload. My water is already clearer and I expect the nitrates to decrease once the denitrifying bacteria become established. Great media and wonderful service from Don and Great Wave Engineering.

    • Don Chamberlain (verified owner)

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m very glad the Biohome® Ultimate is working well for you. Continued success with your cichlids. Stay safe, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  4. Eric G. (verified owner)

    This is my second time typing this review. I lost the first one when my laptop shut down.
    We all know that this is one of the best filter medias. But, just FYI, my numbers have always been zeros on ammonia, nitrate and nitrite. I have a seriously overstocked, heavily planted 55 gallon freshwater aquarium. Livestock includes heavy poopers like plecos (4) and corys (9). As the plecos and angels pair off I will move them to their own tanks and will be using Biohome, of course.
    The media arrived very well packaged. This is important because good filter media will be dusty. However, the reason I wanted to write a review is because of what else was in the box. It was a letter from Mr. Chamberlain thanking me for the purchase and letting me know how to get in touch with him personally should I be unhappy for any reason. It was also clear that this was expensive business stationary. I know of no other business that spends that kind of money on their customers. It is all just take the money and run. I used to work for a stationary (and books) store and I know about what that would cost and thought it should be acknowledged.
    During lockdown 2020 I did tons of research, because it was free. I know that this is the best filter media, but it was hard for me to justify the cost so I ordered just a little. After a few weeks I began to see my numbers improve. When you couple that with it being obvious that Mr. Chamberlain appreciates you spending your hard earned money at his company the choice was easy.
    I don’t have a lot of money and even less “influence”, so when I can, I use my money to support decent charities, people and companies and feel like it was money well spent. You just need to be careful about what water conditioner you use. I use plain old Stress Coat. My fish are healthy and happy and so am I.
    Thank you Pond Guru and Mr. Chamberlain for your excellent product and customer service. I now use my old filter media to break up the fish poop in my pre-filter on the advice or Richard (Pond Guru on Youtube) so that the cleanest water possible reaches the Biohome and the results have exceeded all of my expectations. I am a customer for life.

    • Don Chamberlain (verified owner)

      Thanks for the great review and thanks for your perseverance to type it twice. I’m very glad you like the media and that you appreciate the effort we take for customer service. We’ll do our best to deserve your business for life.
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  5. Anthony Echevarria (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing! Getting biohome ultimate was the best decision I ever made for my oscars. I live in NJ, biohome is shipped from Cali and got it in two days both times I ordered. Great product, amazing shipping, and love getting the personalized thank you letter and directions which answers every question you could have on biohome.

    • Don Chamberlain (verified owner)

      Thanks for the great feedback. I’m very glad to hear the Product Information was helpful.

      Stay safe, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,


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