Nitrate Reduction

Most people turn to Biohome Media for nitrate (NO3) reduction. Nitrate reduction requires more media than ammonia or nitrite elimination because the anaerobic bacteria that consume nitrate grow much more slowly than aerobic bacteria.

Some rules of thumb have been developed to help you determine how much is required for nitrate reduction.

Environment Amount of Biohome Required
Avg Community Tropical Tank 1 kg/26 gal (100 lt)
Avg Cold Water Tank 1-1.5 kg/26 gal (100 lt)
Predator Tank 1.5-2 kg/26 gal (100 lt)
Large Cichlid Tank 1.5-2 kg/26 gal (100 lt)
Malawi/Tanganyikan Tank 1.5-2 kg/26 gal (100 lt)
Avg Mixed Fish Pond 1 kg/52 gal (200 lt)
Avg Koi Pond 1 kg/39 gal (150 lt)

Thanks to my friend, the Pond Guru, for publishing this information.