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Biohome Plus Media is a compact media identical to Biohome Standard except that a variety of trace minerals have been added to enhance the media’s’ability to support beneficial bacteria growth.  It is distinguished by it’s red color.

Note, these trace elements are baked right into the media. They’re not going to be releasing large volumes of minerals into your tank or pond that might adversely affect your plants or marine life. Their purpose is solely to support beneficial bacteria growth.

It is intended for internal, external, sump and overhead aquarium filters.

1 kg occupies 71 cu in or 1.2 lt. To see how much your filter requires return to the Home page and click on the link at the top, “How Much Do I Need”.

Complimentary Filter Starter Balls (1/4 Bag per Kilogram) are shipped with each order.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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24 reviews for Biohome Plus Media

  1. Vasilios pappadimatos

    Hi my name is vasilios I purchase bio home ultimate for my nano reef at: 11/1 0. My nitrate was 20ppm, i used it in my hand on power filter the same day when I receive it. I check my nitrates two weeks after it was 15ppm.Two weeks after 5ppm and today at:12/15 it was 0 ppm. It took five weeks to get the media to work perfect. So it takes about few weeks to see results.This is the best bio media that I ever used for the last 15 years.Do yours self a favor buy this media and don’t waste your money on another bio media.

  2. Stephanie

    The Biohome Ultimate media has only been in my canister filter for a couple days now but I am really impressed with the quality vs other media it sucked up water quickly and has already started to collect Bacteria I also used the Filter started balls that were included and my nitrate levels have already started to go down a little
    Thank you so much for an excellent Biomedia

  3. Keith

    I just replaced my fluval 206 filter media with biohome ultimate. This stuff is awesome! My water conditions have never been more stable, or clear. My fish seem really happy, and at the end of the day I think this is really going to cut down on my tank maintenance. I’ve never given any company a review bc it’s seems like a gimmic when you read then on their webpage, but this stuff is the real deal, all you’ll ever need, and totally worth the praise it recieves

  4. Mr. Darnell Felder (verified owner)

    this media does everything as advertised really. I am still amazed by how it maintains the levels in my aquarium after 4 weeks my water quality is GREAT! perfect! outstanding! Need I say more. Get this media you won’t be disappointed

  5. Mick

    Before Biohome, I tried a plethora of different medias for my aquariums. Since Biohome however, I will NEVER use anything else. This media has kept my African Cichlid tanks water so steady with its levels it is amazing. I purposely did not clean my tank for 3-4 weeks to see how the media would hold up. I haven’t seen my nitrates fluctuate once. They have always been under 5ppm. In fact, all of my levels (ammonia, nitrite and nitrates) have been under 5ppm since using Biohome media. As I mentioned earlier, I will never go back!

  6. Kenneth Badders (verified owner)

    I bought this media at the advice from Pond Guru, who uses YouTube, to answer questions and do how-to videos for people like me. He is one of the few people there with real knowledge of keeping fish (there are others) and I received the product a few months ago and was waiting to see if it did what was said it would do not that I had doubt but it doesn’t say to use it to cycle a tank with fish in it like I had to do. I was cycling my tank with it and I used neon’s and guppies in it and I guess I was given the confidence that with using this media I could do it without worrying about loosing any of these fish even though they are not good choices to cycle a tank and weirdly I wasn’t. I wasn’t going to do this but soon after I bought 2 bags of it my old tank broke and I had only one new one (40 Long) I was saving for when I decide what I wanted to do with it however this happened. Anyway I put this media in a new large canister filter I was also saving for the 40 long and this media came through for me as it not only kept the ammonia and nitrite levels very low and safe for my fish it also kept the water so clear it looked like there was no water in the tank and the fish were swimming in mid air at times. If it wasn’t for the air pump and filter bubbles you couldn’t tell sometimes. I am proud to say I didn’t loose a single fish and now the tank is cycled and has other fish in it. 6 Rams (different ones) a female beta and 6 Cory catfish (a few more later will be added). The water is so clean and clear I am very glad I made this choice and recommend it to anyone interested in needing to do what I had to do or simply wanting great looking water and aquarium.

  7. Darrin Benham

    I’ve had this product running in both of my freshwater tanks for 9 months now, all my levels are kept completely stable. Less frequent water changes are obtainable, this leads to extremely crystal clear water, no chemical filtration needed, no water odor. I have had a fish tank ,or two, or more running for more than 25 years of my life and this product is hands down the best out there on the market to buy. With that said, the ” pondguru” is a genius!!! He knows his sh**.

  8. Max Cichanowicz

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I’m so so pleased! They wrote me a personal leter with my name and the items I bought, very friendly! This is amazing media absolutely outstanding. One thing to note is it has a lot of dust on it from shipping so I put all of it in a bucket of dechlorinated water and took them out of the bucket to remove the dust.

  9. Alicia (verified owner)

    Got my package super fast as always I am a happy customer the media has my planted tank crystal clear and my fish with bold colors so I know there happy thanks again Don

    • newfish

      Thanks Alicia,
      Glad it arrived so quickly. Thanks for your order, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping!

  10. Mark Espejel (verified owner)

    Just got my order in. Look Fwd to trying out this product. Heard about it a few years ago. Shipping was fast and packaging was solid. Thanks

    50 Gallon Hillstream Aquarium.
    Stiphodon gobies
    Hillstream loaches.

  11. Chuck

    I love this stuff never had better water quality, with the starter balls it doesn’t take long for it to start working. I ordered 5 kg 3 weeks ago. Gonna order 5 more of the plus next and the best customer service I have ever had could b happier with this place

  12. Sean

    I’m thinking about buying the biohome plus, and was wondering on how long it lasts before i place my order. I will most likely buy the product after reading all the reviews, but i just wanted some feedback

    • newfish

      It depends somewhat on how much flow it is exposed to, but Plus is a pretty dense media. It should last several years. A while back when this question came up I asked the manufacturer what his experience was. He indicate the feedback he had received over the years indicated an average media life of five years.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for your interest, and…

      Happy Fish Keeping,

  13. Sean

    several years??? i didn’t know it lasts THAT long! i thought it was a monthly renewal kind of filter (I’m somewhat new to fish tank maintenance). Im definitely going to order after hearing that, i’d rather have the Biohome plus rather than carbon filtering and what not. Thanks for the helpful information!

    • newfish

      I see you went for the Ultimate. That is a great choice, more porous than Plus. Thanks for the order. If you’re still interested in Plus I should have more in about two weeks.
      Happy Koi Keeping,

  14. Sean

    when will you have more in stock?

  15. Walter (verified owner)

    I guess you could say I have been in the aquatic hobby literally since I was a baby because my Uncle set-up a tank full of tropical fish in my nursery like a living kaleidoscope for me to gaze at safely from my crib and I did the same for my first daughter many years later. I have set-up and kept many different types of aquariums over the last 40 plus years from Florida Native Flora & Fauna Tanks to keeping oddball exotics like Sturgeon, Electric Catfish and Piranha and many more. As a younger man I even had the opportunity to manage a large Fresh, Brackish and Saltwater fish department in a high-end pet shop once. *** I said all that to say this, I have never seen such a well thought out biological media product and the customer service was absolutely top notch. I gained prompt and solid guidance from both the Richard aka: Pondguru from the UK and Bob of GreatWave regarding the best size and volume of media I required for my current filtration needs. In fact I thought I needed way more than I actually did and they didn’t push more product for profit on me but gave me the honest truth in their professional opinion. I will gladly recommend this product and these two partnered businesses to my fellow aquarists.

  16. Mick

    I haven been using several a few different types of BioHome filter media in my filters over the last two years. There isn’t a single bad thing I can say about it. My only worry in my initial purchase was that it wouldn’t last for a long time as it is sintered glass. I am writing this review to give anyone else with similar thoughts my input. I haven’t witnessed any of my media becoming smaller or grinding down over time. It has always consistently kept my water parameters at the correct levels. I keep a very heavily populated African Cichlid tank. So if I can keep my water levels with Biohome in good standing with that many fish, I think anybody can. This is the only media I plan to use in my tanks from now on. I use Biohome with polyfill and foam inserts and that is it. No carbon, no ammonia remover, or chemicals trying to rid my tanks of Nitrates. Trust me, once you have your Biohome cycled, you will no longer need any of that. I’d be happy to answer any questions anybody may have about using this media or in relation to my experiences with using it.


  17. Creighton (verified owner)

    I’m new to the aquarium keeping hobby so some of this may be entirely off but so far I’m thoroughly impressed with this media.

    When I first got my betta we discovered very quickly that things were wrong from what our local pet store told us, ended up doing a lot of damage to him and moved him to a new tank with more water but still had to get a cycle going. I have a Top Fin 5 Gallon and to boot the water that comes out of our tap is toxically high by default. I ended up gutting the filters that come standard for the tank and stripping out the carbon, adding a layer of filter material and and filling the back reservoir with this Biohome Plus and some of the gel bacteria balls. Things were still rough because of the state of the water coming out of our tap but inside of a month the tank cycled and so far I have 0ppm in Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate (plants probably).

    Greatwave was fast to respond to my questions, the shipping was fast, the personal letter offering more advice on my specific situation that came with it was great. I’m not sure I can lodge a complaint about this material and in fact in all of our other tanks I’ve stripped the factor filters for filter material and stuffed them with biohome plus and even in our little 2.5 gallon the water quality stays very stable through the week until a water change is performed simply to be thorough. This stuff houses enough bacteria that even with our high ammonia levels in our tap water it clears out the ammonias and nitrites inside of 12 hours even after a 50% water change.

    I don’t know how much of that is in the substrate vs in the media but I do know that without this media our other tanks took upwards of 2 months to cycle because of our starting water conditions. Later on when I have the money to start the planted tank project I want to do I fully intend to fill my canister/sump (haven’t decided) with Biohome.

    Also it’s disgustingly fun to watch this stuff suck up water.

    Thanks for distributing this stuff in the US for us.

    • newfish

      Thanks for the great detailed review. I’m glad Biohome was able to deal with your nasty water. Happy Fish Keeping!

  18. Tom W.

    I received my biohome ultimate 4 months ago from someone on ebay before I knew about GW but I feel I still should give a great big hell ya because my filter is now settled in and I literally have no nitrogenous waste that’s detectable on my api liquid test kit.My tanks is a small 29g tall with a somewhat heavy fishload and 3 plants,Crypt Lutea,Wisteria and a Ruffled Sword. I mention my plants because between them and my supercharged canister filter(zoomed Turtle Filter the water quality is clear and odor free,even my pair of german blue rams are breeding every 3 weeks! Anyway I highly advise those that are on the fence to give this filter media a try and see for yourself. I’ve tried that other media(matrix) and to me it’s a ripoff after all it’s just pumice from the ground,I can find that myself if I was so inclined,additionally matrix will have deadspots,thats a fact so save your dough!

    • newfish

      Glad you found us now. Thanks for the great review. I’m glad the media is working well for you no matter where you got it. Have a great week, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  19. Nate deniro

    My filter packed in 3 weeks ago so I bought a fx6. Used some media from my old filter to colonise the sponges etc but I has a terrible “bloom”. Was like diluted milk. I replaced my k1 in the middle draw of my fx6 with biohome plus. Popped th balls in and I swear 48 hours later my water is already clear. Prob 10% to go before it’s back to crystal. I just know that this stuff is the real deal. Never seen a single bad review. I’m going to post my complete review next month.

    • newfish

      Great to hear it cleared it up so quickly. I look forward to hearing more after you’ve used it awhile.

      Thanks for the feedback, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  20. tommy gooch (verified owner)

    i know this sounds like bull but its not .i have a cichlid tank thats been up for two years and i have always had nitrates between 40 to 60 ppm no matter what i did . i ordered some biohome after reading all the reviews and after being in my filter for maybe three weeks my nitrates tested 0.i could not believe it this stuff is amazing

    • newfish

      Thanks for the great feedback. It’s always great to hear from someone having the expected results, although we don’t expect it to work so quickly. We’ve had a few users that just couldn’t get the nitrate to go down. I sure wish I knew why.

      Your latest order will go out tomorrow. Thanks for that, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  21. Ken (verified owner)

    I ordered biohome ultimate and after 3 days I could not believe how consistently clear and odorless my aquarium water has become. This product outperform my previous media. My living room smells fresh now! This bio media makes fish keeping easy. Great service.

    • Don Chamberlain

      It’s great to hear our media made such an improvement in such a short period of time. Thanks for feedback. Hope you have a great rest of the summer, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  22. Mike (verified owner)

    I chose the Biohome plus to use in my 37 gallon fwfo tank since I only have a Aquaclear 50 HOB filter. I thought that since it has a 3/8″ diameter I could stack more in the filter as it’s so small compared to a canister. I ordered 0.5kg and was very pleased that I received 0.6kg and Don even included the starter balls for this small order! I filled the under basket part of my AQ 50 with the old AQ ceramic media (like how pond guru does in his canisters on YouTube), and then the basket 1/3 full with filter floss on the bottom and the remaining 2/3 with Biohome plus. I had only used about 50% of the 0.5kg of Biohome at this point, so made a makeshift surface skimmer filter out of a section of rigid gravel vacuum pipe by dropping the rest of the Biohome in it and packing filter floss on top. I then attached a powerhead to the bottom of it using some tubing. I then mounted the whole thing upside down and cut slots in the top so it pulls water from the surface, down through the floss, and then through the Biohome before going through the powerhead. Works great and cost $0 since I made it from stuff I already had!

    DIY filter story aside, let me speak to this product… I have had this tank for almost 20 years and have always used floss, carbon, and AQ ceramic media I guess because I didn’t know any better. I was very apprehensive about taking the carbon out, but after doing some research on Biohome, I could see that I wouldn’t need it. Now I have been using only filter floss and Biohome for three weeks and have never seen my fish so active! The water is and has been crystal clear and the fish are extremely active now, swimming wildly at times! I am enjoying my aqaurium so much more knowing how happy the fish are!

    • Don Chamberlain

      Thanks for the great review. It’s great to hear how well it’s working for you. Great job with the skimmer. Perfect way to use the extra Plus.

      Continued success, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  23. Fred (verified owner)

    I’m new again to the freshwater aquarium hobby after a 30 year absence. A lot has changed. Under gravel filters amd corner box filters filled with activated charcoal and filter floss are out. HOB and canister filters with multistage filtration are in!

    I have a 36 gallon bowfront aquarium that is a bit overstocked with a very good HOB rated for a 50 gallon aquarium that just wasn’t cutting it. So, I added a canister filter rated for a 125 gallon tank and filled 1 stage with additional mechanical filtration and the other two stages with biofilter media from a very well known brand. After three months the nitrates were always between 20-40 ppm and nitrites were typically between 0.25 to 0.5mg/L, not good. Ammonia was either zero or 0.25mg/L, again, not good. I was doing weekly 25% water changes but knew I was close to a full cycle but needed something to push the full cycle over the edge to be self-sufficient.

    After scouring the internet and YouTube for filtration media I came across the PondGuru channel. Tons of information, reviews, and advice. That’s where I discovered Biohome media. After some additional research I decided I had to try it.

    After more reasearch, I found GreatWave Engineering. All versions of the media on one site, fantastic pricing with reasonable shipping! Ordered exactly what and how much I needed and it arrived quickly and very well packaged. It even came with some great instructions! After replacing half of my bio media in the canister with Biohome Plus, my ammonia dropped to a solid zero within a week. My nitrites dropped to a solid zero within about 1.5 weeks. After about 4-5 weeks I noticed the nitrates also started to read 20ppm more consistently. That convinced me enough to switch the remaining biomedia in my canister to Biohome. After the complete changeover and another six weeks, (3 months total since I first added some Biohome) my tank is now always 0-5ppm nitrates with ammonia and nitrites at ‘0’! I use the HOB primarily for water polishing now so I don’t have to disturb the canister as often by using too fine a media in it.

    The water is balanced and crystal clear, the java ferns I have on lava rocks are thriving and my fish are very happy!
    Thank you!

    • Don Chamberlain

      Thanks for the great review. I’m very glad to see the great results you got from the Plus. I was surprised to see the nitrates coming down so quickly. Stay safe, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  24. John I (verified owner)

    I purchased the Biohome Ultimate about a month ago and replaced the carbon in my canister filter. I also removed the HOB I had on the tank and around the same time added CO2 since I have a heavily planted tank and a high number of fish, shrimp and snails. I was having a problem with Nitrates being very high but since I have had the Biohome ultimate in the filter my fish seem to be really active and the water is crystal clear, but more importantly the Nitrates have come down quite a bit. I have since placed an order for a 75 gallon tank I am setting up and will be using Biohome Plus in the canister filter, ( I mistakenly order the plus instead of the ultimate). But I am fine with that knowing that the plus will do just as good of a job i’m sure, as the Ultimate. Great service from you guys. Thanks for selling such a great product.

    • Don Chamberlain

      Thanks for the great feedback. I hope the Plus works just as well for you. It should as it’s the same material with the same additives. It’s just a bit denser and has a smoother surface. Good luck with the 75 and the canister. Thanks for the orders. Stay safe, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

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