Roy, Fort Worth

This was the email I received from Roy in April:

I received my order today, thank you. I’m still waiting for the filters I ordered from Richard at Pondgure to come in, before I can get everything setup. Do you sell the same filter pads he does? I didn’t see them on your website. You asked for videos so please checkout my series The Plecostomus Project. I will provide the links below. I will be setting up two 5 tray canister filter systems and will post your information in the comment section, when I post that video. I also just bought an Angelfish couple to start breeding (see photo below). Thank you again for the prompt service and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. 
Here’s his Angelfish:

angelThe Plecostomus Project, Part 1:

The Plecostomus Project, Part 2:

The Plecostomus Project, Part 3:

The Pecostomus Project, Part 4:

The Pecostomus Project, Part 5:


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