Wave III Variable Speed Pump


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Variable speed pumps are ideal for koi pond applications that can benefit from variable flow such as a waterfall. They enable you to run the falls at a lower rate during the evening or in colder weather. They allow you to take advantage of reduced electrical rate periods.

The Wave III Variable Speed pump offers speeds from 1,100 to 3,450 rpm. Current draw ranges from 1.44 A, 166 W to 7.34 A, 844 W. See performance curves for details of flow rates at heads ranging from 2.5 to 59 ft. 

The Wave III pump uses a high quality TEFC Century motor  with 8 foot cord.  There is a 1 Year limited warranty on the motor.

Pump housing is glass filled injection molded ABS. Inlet/Outlets are equipped with 2 inch  half union fittings.

A 2″ Leaf Basket should be installed in front of the pump to prevent clogging.

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