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The Pond Reactor is a unique device especially useful for fish dealers that frequently need to sterilize and restart their quarantine tanks before stocking with a new shipment of fish. It would also be a great tool for pond builders to allow their customers to start up their ponds immediately with fish before their bio filters have matured.

Advanced hobbyist may also find it useful if they also startup quarantine tanks occasionally to introduce new fish or treat a sick fish. It would be handy if an ammonia spike should occur while you diagnose and correct the problem, of just for peace of mind while on vacation.

Perhaps you have to deal with excess phosphate or wish to clear medication or discoloration.  You can use any of the RP Aquatics PODs in the unit and even a combination of PODs.

Unit is 26″ high and 6″ in diameter. It should be mounted vertically after your bio media so it does not disturb the natural bacteria development.

Mounting brackets are included if additional support is needed. Two 2″ Fernco flexible couplings are required to couple with your plumbing. A Mounting Kit containing the necessary hardware and couplings is included.

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Weight 14.14 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 10 × 20 in


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