Garcia, Tampa

Garcia wrote:

Does biohome come with starter balls

And I replied:

Each order of Biohome media comes with Filter Starter Balls assuming you live in the US. I ship 5 Filter Starter Balls/kilogram.

Have a great Labor Day, and…

Happy Fish Keeping,

Garcia was pleased with this:

Awesome thanks. Will be ordering soon.

Which of course made me very happy:

Glad that helped. I’ll be looking for your order.

Thanks, and…

Happy Fish Keeping,

Soon after he replied:

Ok i put my order in. I ordered 2kg. Do you think  that is enough for a 150 gallon tank with a ehiem 2260 canister filter. Thanks again.

I did a little checking and got back to him:

Thanks for the order. I’m afraid it may not be enough, but I’d suggest you try it and let me know how it goes.

I’ve been trying to document the various filter sizes so we tell how much media is required, but it is difficult because the manufacturer’s don’t provide very much information.

I didn’t put the estimate for the 2260 in my document because the number I came up with seemed to be way too much. But it might be right. I have no way of knowing because I don’t have my hands on a 2260 filter.

Here is the data I was able to get from the Eheim manual and the calculations I did for the smaller versions. You’ll see I figured it would take 3.1 kg for the 2217. According to Eheim the canister volume for the 2260 is much larger. I didn’t see how it could be 3 times larger when it looked like it was only 6″ taller.

Eheim Data

If you can, let me know the actual dimensions of the 2260 canister and how much of that you think should be filled with Biohome. If the published volume is correct, the 2260 would hold about 12 kg of Ultimate.

Seems like a lot. Have a great Labor Day, and…

Happy Fish Keeping,

Garcia then explained his plans and sent me some information on the 2260 and a photo of his lovely aquarium.

Ok thanks for the info. The 2260 its almost 2 times fatter i believe. That might explain the bigger volume needed.

I have good media now doing the trick, i just want something to help with the nitrates. Im going to fill half the canister with the media i have now and the other half with the biohome media. And see how that goes. And later down the road add more biohome media until its completely all biohome.

Its alot of change for 12kg. Lol. Little by little

Thanks again. Have a great labor day too.

Garcia’s aquarium:

Garcias Aquarium

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