Daniel, Terre Haute

I look forward to getting this media. Ordered tonight, I will have the best media in Terre haute Indiana because all you can get here is the bio ball, rings. Ect. Putting it in a xp3 , I ordered 2 kg I hope that’s enough. Love the information from pondguru on YouTube.

It’s going in my xp3 canister. I got me some really interesting looking Oscars. The are about 5 inches now and I have a albino in the other tank by himself and he is about 2.5 in.

I have the 100 gallon tank with aquaon hob for cleaning the water no bio filtration really on it. And I have a penguin 350 also in it and I put 2 of the auqa tech bio foams in it also it fits okay and increases my bio colony and have my own cut filter in it.

I use no chemical media. I want the xp3 for bio filtration. I’m going to put 1 kg of the biohome in each of the top 2 trays and course med. And fine foam in the bottom. I hope this makes the take have enough bio filtration for when both Oscars are full grown. Plus keep the aquaon 55 75 on it also to help with the mechanical. I cut my own filters with the course and fine pad in it also.

Thanks for selling biohome! I am looking forward to it.


I received my biohome mini today and have rinsed it and put it in my XP3 canister filter. Thanks for the fast shipping I’m in Terre Haute IN and it was here in 2 days. I will send more pictures after a month when I clean the filter. This media is the best you can get. I put I kg per tray in the XP3.  Thanks again.


1/31/15 Update:

It took me awhile to get this page setup, so I let Daniel know so he could check it out. Daniel  had just cleaned his filter for the first time and provided this feedback.

Thank Don, that is great, I cleaned The canister for the first time yesterday and there is bacteria growing that you can see already on the biohome. I messaged Richard the pondguru and he told me that people are talking about this media actually lowering nitrates after 6 plus months. That this media actually can grow aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. It’s just Amazing media. Thanks again , Daniel

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