Cindy, Tiki Island

Cindy provided this wonderful review for Biohome Ultimate.

“Purchased a house with a 125 built in the wall freshwater tank. I thought it looked alittle dirty but once we moved in I learned all about ammonia, nitrates, and why algae was growing faster than a race car in this tank. (Never owned an aquarium before.)

So with massive web researching, purchasing cleaning tools and testing kits, I went to work. The tank finally went to 0 ammonia and from off the charts nitrates to a steady 80. Just couldn’t seem to get the nitrates down more than 60 to 80.

When I saw several of the Pondguru videos I learned my Eheim canister was set up wrong so I ordered the ultimate media. When it came in I cleaned out the canister and left one small bag of media that had been in there and placed foams and 2 pounds of ultimate. I couldn’t believe it….in 2 weeks my nitrates were down to 5.

I had never had a five, and pretty much tested every day ammonia and nitrates since moving into the house since I was working on getting the tank cleaned up. I have since made a moving bed filter with ultimate media in a fake rock formation and now my nitrates are 0 to barely showing color. So, this stuff works. I will not use any other media.”

This was great news. As a koi keeper, I haven’t had direct experience with Biohome making a dramatic improvement in nitrate levels. Even the manufacturer says that it will take 6 to 8 months so I was extremely glad to get a first hand report from a user.

I was hoping to get some before and after photos from Cindy. Unfortunately, she didn’t take any before starting to clean it up, but she sent me some after photos with this nice note. It sure looks good now!

“Hi Don,

You have no idea how much I regret not taking any before pics……I had no idea the immense efforts it was going to take to get the tank healthy again.  I didn’t even know the water was so bad until I went to a LFS to purchase an pleko for my algae troubles.  That’s when I learned about ammonia, nitrates, etc.

I have attached a current pic of my aquarium now…..there was so much junk in it when it was nasty that I’ve gone a little minimalist now.  The only other photos I could sent you would be making the moving bed filter with the fake rock formation which is on the right. I’ll attach those as well but that is really all I have.?
Thanks for selling such great products here in the US.


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