Anthony, Las Vegas

” Subject:  Media received

Hello Don. I just wanted to let you know my media arrived a couple of hours ago and is in my two canister filters. Thank you so much for the  excellent service! I have no doubt that the media will work well and get my tank to the next level.

I would love to send you some pics via phone or email. Just let me know what’s the best option.

Glad to hear it, and glad to hear your happy. That’s our goal with each customer and every shipment.

I’d love to get your photos however it’s easiest for you. If you’re taking them on your phone, then that’s probably the easiest. You can send them to 408-594-4161.

If you’re old fashioned like me and actually still have a camera then email’s probably best. Just send to [email protected]. I’m looking forward to it.

Have a great weekend, and…

Happy Fish Keeping”

A few minutes later I received another email with the photos:

“Hi Don. Here are some pictures of my
100 gallon fresh water tank. Hope you enjoy them”

I did, and now you can too.


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