Stephanie, Hallandale Beach

Hi .. I have a 30 gallon breeder with 10 L134 leopard frog plecos (3″ -3.5″).. filtration is 3″ HMF with 2 jet lifter .. I am toying with the idea as I need to limit water changes for nitrate removal to induce breeding ..
I was thinking of housing biohome standard in a cage of eggcrate diffuser tightly behind the matten filter .. will this work ?
I have many other sp. L# plecos I an working with

My reply:

I’ll try. Your idea sounds like it would work. I envision your filter as piece of foam about 1″ thick placed in a corner or at one end of the tank with two airlifts placed in the space behind returning the water near or at the top of the foam and back into the tank. If you can create your cage so that the water passes through the foam and then through the Biohome before you pump it back to the tank it seems like an excellent idea. You’d need enough space to hold at least 2 kgs. That would require 166 cu in for Standard or 118 cu in for SuperBioGravel which is what I’d recommend you use. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Happy Fish Keeping, Don

And after ordering 5 kgs of SuperBioGraveal, Stephanie sent me photos of her new Bio Module and the tank she put it in:

I plan to build this eggcrate cage with internal demensions 10x3x16 .. should hold 2kg +

This holds 5kg super gravel .. will keep you posted on nitrate progress ..
Bio Module in Place
Stephanie’s Tank

I didn’t expect it to take the whole 5K this is one tank. .. it’s a pilot for six other tanks

We’re looking forward to hearing how it works!