Pond Facts and Figures


Circumference of pond is 51′.   Capacity: 5,535 gal, measured after resealing pond 7/17. 1.5″ water refill represents 194 gallon, approximately 3.5% water change.


GreatWave Pond Control System, 5 Inputs – pH, ORP, Water Level, Temperature, Cabinet Temperature, 13 Outputs – Left Pump, Right Pump, Skimmer Pump, Left Air, Right Air, Pond Air, Feeder, UV, Ozone, UV Air, Makeup Water, Bypass Water, RO System


Left Filter: GreatWave ER-3 w/33 kg SuperBioGravel media.

Right Filter: GreatWave ER-3 w/33 kg SuperBioGravel media and Sensor Panel to monitor ORP, pH, and Water Temperature and Inlet for Makeup Water.

 Air Pumps:

Filter Air pumps, Medo LA80B, 1.4 amp, Pond Air pump, Medo LA45B, 1 amp, Ozone Air pump, Medo LA80B, 1.4 amp


Wm Lim Desert Eagle Mod 10, UV: 66 W, O3 66 W


Three Wm Lim Wave I 3400 gph, 1.3 am, 190 W


Two Custom Dual Tray Showers containing 75 kgs SuperBioGravel each

Make Up Water:

Primary Sediment Filter: Big Blue with 5 μ  – SDC-25-2005 element

Water Treatment: Patagonia Water Softener with Activated Charcoal Filter, TDS meter, 4.5″x20″ Pentek Big Blue Housing w/ FC440 MatriKX ChloraGuard Chloramine Carbon Block Cartridge, Waterdrop 800 GPD RO System for primary makeup. Bypass system to deliver filtered tap water to manage softness


Reservoir:  478 gallons

Irrigation: 3 circuits manually controlled drip

#1 – Trees – Not Used

#2 – Front Garden

#3 – Rear Garden

Quarantine Tank:

Capacity: 500 gal.


GreatWave ER-1 w/14 kgs BioGravel media.