Pond Facts and Figures


Circumference of pond is 51′.   Capacity: 5,535 gal, measured after resealing pond 7/17. 1.5″ water refill represents 194 gallon, approximately 3.5% water change.


GreatWave Pond Control System, 5 Inputs – pH, ORP, Water Level, Temperature, Cabinet Temperature, 13 Outputs – Left Pump, Right Pump, Skimmer Pump, Left Air, Right Air, Pond Air, Feeder, UV, Ozone, UV Air, Makeup Water, Bypass Water, RO System


Left Filter: GreatWave ER-3 w/33 kg SuperBioGravel media.

Right Filter: GreatWave ER-3 w/33 kg SuperBioGravel media and Sensor Panel to monitor ORP, pH, and Water Temperature and Inlet for Makeup Water.

 Air Pumps:

Filter Air pumps, Medo LA80B, 1.4 amp, Pond Air pump, Medo LA45B, 1 amp, Ozone Air pump, Medo LA80B, 1.4 amp


Wm Lim Desert Eagle Mod 10, UV: 66 W, O3 66 W


Three Wm Lim Wave I 3400 gph, 1.3 am, 190 W


Two Custom Dual Tray Showers containing 75 kgs SuperBioGravel each

Make Up Water:

Primary Sediment Filter: Big Blue with 5 μ  – SDC-25-2005 element

Water Treatment: Patagonia Water Softener with Activated Charcoal Filter, TDS meter, Akwakoi Ativated Charcoal Filter, Waterdrop 800 GPD RO System for primary makeup. Bypass system to deliver filtered tap water to manage softness


Reservoir:  478 gallons

Irrigation: 3 circuits manually controlled drip

#1 – Trees – Not Used

#2 – Front Garden

#3 – Rear Garden

Quarantine Tank:

Capacity: 500 gal.


GreatWave ER-1 w/14 kgs BioGravel media.