MarineLand Filters

MarineLand C Series  

MarineLand C Series Filter 
Model Est Tray Dimensions No of Trays Est Tray Volume Biohome Required 
for 1 Tray
C-160 4.5”x4.5”x2” 3 40 cu in 500 gr
C-220 4.5”x4.5”x2” 4 40 cu in 500 gr
C-360 6”x6”x2.5”h 4 90 cu in 1 kg
C-530 8”x8”x2.5”h 4 160 cu in 3 kg

Note: These are estimates based on the limited information available to GreatWave at this time.

The tray volume for the C-530 has been confirmed by Mickey Roland. It requires a total of 9 kgs if all three trays are used.

If you have actual experience with these filters, GreatWave would be greatly appreciative to learn how much media the filters actually hold.