Lyndon, Haines City

October, 2016

Lyndon placed another order, sent an update.

Hi there,

How are you? Yes, your assumption was correct in a smaller tank. It is a 20g with yet another small turtle in it. He is a male map Mississippi turtle. He is full grown but only 4 inches. On his tank there is an HOB that I needed this first order for.  I also have a 75g with a female map turtle and she’s much bigger. On her tank is a canister with 5 draws. One being for sponges and the other 4 will have bio home. So I’ll be making another order soon. Ole Pokey is doing just fine, so is Gumby and Squirtle. Oh the maps I can’t decide on names as yet. I’ve had them from the summer. So that makes 5 turtles in all and 15 tanks.

Talk to you soon and thanks.


May, 2016

A lovely little note from Lyndon:Lyndon

January, 2016

Here are the photos she provided and a brief description of her system and results.

Turtle is Pokey. He is 10 years old. There is also 6 minnows with him.

Tank is Zilla Aquatic Turtle Kit. HOB is Whisper 60 power filter.

Its been running since March. He is one of three. Had to separate them due to aggression.

I feed him 2x a day. Water change when the water smells or gets cloudy, which doesn’t equal once a week. It may go longer.

My others have canisters. Plan on getting one for him as well. As well as more Ultimate for all the canisters.

Prior to Ultimate, it was the regular filter media with the charcoal in the pouches that comes with the filter.

 I put the Ultimate in the bottom, half way up, then sprinkled the starter balls on both sides, then covered with polyfil, the fluffy kind, not the batting. But as I’ve learned, I need to get the batting kind.

A few hours after I had it set up with the ultimate, the there was no more odor to the water. Its been one day and a few hours, still no odor.

 Well that’s about it. I hope this helps and gives you the information you require.

A short time later I got a couple of more emails from Lyndon with more information about her setup and her turtles.

Have you ever put something away until the next time you need it? And then, put it away so good you can’t find it? Well that’s exactly what I did with the first shipment of ultimate from Pokey’s tank. I had some left over and now I can’t find it. I figured I’d add it to this current shipment but nooooooooooo!

Anyway, I received my second shipment thank you very much. It was so fast. I used it on my other two turtle tanks, which have canisters. They run PennPlax Cascade 1200. They have 4 baskets/ each. The current shipment allowed me to fill both of them with some left over.

I have two canisters remaining to change over. One has three baskets and the other has 5 baskets so I’ll be ordering one more time. The other tanks are a 55 gold fish tank and a 55 community tank with 2” fishes and Ramshorn snails

Thanks so much for asking after Pokey, its nice that you remember his name. The other two are Squirtle and Gumby, a male and female. Gumby is the female and she’s about 15 inches. Love them to death. Pokey’s tank is still beautiful and odor free. Very very satisfied customer.

Fortunately Lyndon contacted me again a couple of days later to let me know she had found her media.

 How are you? All is well. Just a note to let you know I found that missing pack of Ultimate and was able to combine the two orders. I got another canister out if it.

So I have 4 tanks on Ultimate and 4 more to go. Although I have 9 tanks, I’m leaving one alone because it is crystal clear with only 7 fish in it. I’ll order another 5 again and this way I’ll have left over I hope. One of the filters has 5 trays. Anyway, I’ll probably do an order next month. I have to see how the pennies roll, LOL…