Kevin, Mount Airy

I’m returning to the hobby after 12 years and a lot sure has changed. Just like many others I went to YouTube to learn about all the new products that are available. It was there that I learned about BioHome Media and my research began to learn what was so great about this product.

YouTube is also where I learned about Great Wave from watching a video he did where he was testing different foam and the BioHome media. Don stated that he wouldn’t sell any product unless he had first tested it and he was sure it did what the manufacturer claimed it would, imagine that?

I had several questions about media and the foam products being sold by Great Wave. To be honest I contacted a couple other sources for BioHome and asked them the same questions. Don was the only one who took the time to completely answer all my questions and not with a simple yes or no, but will a full explanation. For someone like me who researches things to death, this was a huge bonus.

Don and I exchanged email for a few days and it didn’t long to realize that Great Wave was going to be my source for bio media and foam. I ended up placing a good sized order of media and foam for both my FX4 and my FX6 canister filters. The items were shipped quickly and well packaged, and there was also written instructions on how to use the products.

Let me also say, you will not find a better price on BioHome Media , but even if this wasn’t the case, Great Wave would still be my source for these items. I want to thank Don for all his help, his patience, and his knowledge that he provided. If you don’t believe businesses like this still exist, give Great Wave a shot and I can promise you this, you will soon be writing a review just like this one after you receive your order.
God Bless
Kevin L.

And my reply:

Thanks for the comments. I’m glad everything arrived OK.

The Filter Starter Balls should keep for some time as long as you keep them sealed up and reasonably cool. In your tank you could certainly place them in a bag and put them in the tank. They’ll gradually melt away, although the center never seems to dissolve. After a month or so there won’t be much left.

I’m very interested to hear how the foam works out in your FX filters. I hope you’ll give me a report after using for a while.

Thanks again, and…

Happy Fish Keeping,