Cynthia, Setauket

At the end of January Cynthia sent an update. Really has that BiOrb looking nice:

Update Biorb 105 using Richard’s upgrade with Biohome gravel and Richard’s diy invisible filter using Biomotion media. (Buddha)

To quote Richard …. “Gin Clear” ! Best wishes, Cindy

This was her earlier report:

Hi Don just in case you were wondering what I was up to with the Biohome gravel media and Biomotion media. Thanks again for the great product!


ps Happy Holidays!

Hi Richard, here is my new Biorb 105 with the Pond Guru DIY Biorb under gravel filter upgrade. Nice bed of Biohome gravel media on top of the foam from Great Wave Engineering. I did put some decorative sea glass gravel around the outer edge abutting the wall.

Second filtration upgrade……

I put 500g Biohome Biomotion media in a DIY Pond Guru Invisible Filter made from a resin Buddha Aquarium Statue. ( excellent YouTube video).

Cycling now. Thanks again!