Charles, Pittsburgh

Charles Sala 1

Charles Sala 2

I have a lot of fish, Guppies and planted the tank to the max -Good light No algae to speak of.  I put a cap full of Dr Tim’s Waste Away every day to eat PooP ,
I keep Nitrates just marginally under control with 50% water changes at least once a week.  All other parameters are near Zero
I have a 4 tray canister, Marineland 360 rated for up to 100 gallons, have a 30 gallon tank with two hand on filters as well.

November 7:

I had two trays with BioHome About April 20 I added BioGravel to the two trays to add mass by filling the little voids in the BioHome.

May 1:

I now have  1 tray of floss and polishing filter to keep your product clean at the bottom with 3 tra ys over the filtered water of combination BioHome and BioGravel to get the maximum amount of material in the trays to control Nitrates
Will Keep you posted