BiOrb Tanks



BioGravel may be used to improve the filtration of Biorb and similar filters.

Biorb Capacity  
Model Amount of BioGravel Required
15 lt (4 gal) 1.5 kg
30 lt (8 gal) 2 kg
60 lt (16 gal) 3.5 kg
105 lt (28 gal) 5 kg

Lower/Cartridge Foam

All models use the same Lower and Cartridge Foam. The Lower Foam can either be Coarse or Medium Foam.

The small Cartridge Foam (Medium) will be placed inside the center filter cartridge.   If there is space available below the foam, you can fill this with BioGravel or pieces of foam.

The Pond Guru developed this concept.  His video illustrates how the upgrade is done. 

A Full size template for the Lower and Cartridge Foams is provided at this link, Lower Template

Upper Foam

The size of the Upper Foam depends of the model of the BiOrb being upgraded. It should be Coarse Foam. It is placed on top of the Lower Foam.

Full sized templates for the Upper Foam are available by following these links:

16 lt (4 gal) Upper Foam Template

30 lt (8 gal) Upper Foam Template

60 lt (16 gal) Upper Foam Template

105 lt (28 gal) Upper Foam Template

Final Setup 

The tank is now ready to accept the BioGravel. Rinse the media in tank water to remove any dust. Then spread the required amount over the Upper Foam and center Cartridge.

Fill the tank with dechlorinated water, turn on the air pump and run for an hour or so to make sure everything is running smoothly and there was no debris missed when you rinsed the Foam and Media.

Note that Prime and many other dechlorinators also bind ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. It has been observed that this delays or defeats the development of bacteria in Biohome® . We recommend using properly mineralized RO water or API Stress Coat dechlorinator.

Now you’re ready to start adding  fish. Please stock the tank gradually and keep the fish selection sensible. Your dealer should be able to help you select fish suitable for a small tank.

The BioGravel should cycle to control ammonia and nitrite in 2 to 3 weeks and nitrate in 4 to 6 months. Plants may be planted directly in the BioGravel.


The Cube can be upgraded just like the Classic BiOrb.

Biorb Cube Capacity
ModelAmount of BioGravel Required
30 lt (8 gal)3 kgs
60 lt (16 gal)4 kgs