Bill, Hamburg

I got this email from Bill:

“Subject: Proper Set up

Dear Don,
I am running a Fluval 206 canister filter on a way overstocked Cichlid
tank. I ordered 1kg of the biohome ultra plus this Sunday. I just
wanted to know if I ordered enough, and the proper way to set up the
filter. Right now my Ammonia is at .25ppm, and the Nitrates are about
60ppm. My water is around 40ppm from the tap. Any help or comments
will be greatly appreciated!
Bill Eisenhard


Actually you ordered Ultimate, which is a great choice. Ultra’s too big for a canister and Plus is an older media that would work, but I usually recommend it for HOBs because of its smaller size. There isn’t anything called Ultra Plus.

Anyway, it looks like the 206 will only hold about 1.5 kgs of Ultimate so you did pretty well. If the 206 is like the 406s I have, the mechanical filtration (foam) is pretty good. Not much need to improve on that. If the polishing mat is on top of the trays, I’d move that down to the top of the bottom tray, if it will fit or on the bottom of the second tray.

I’m pretty sure the Ultimate will handle your ammonia, but may not touch your nitrates. You need between 1.5-2 kgs of Biohome per 26 gallons to reduce nitrates. In your case since you’re heavily stocked probably want to lean towards 2 kgs.

You may need to consider getting another larger filter. Hope this helps. Thanks for the order. It should go out tomorrow.

If you decide you want to get some more and place the order soon, I can combine them and potentially save you some shipping.”

A couple of weeks later I got this report from Bill:

“Hi Don,

  I just wanted to give you a update on my installation of the Biohome Ultimate I purchased from you. Well, all I can say is this media is beyond AWESOME!!! I have a 20 gal high with 14 Cichlids and a Pleco and yes I know it is way over stocked.
For filtration I have a Fluval 206 canister with a inlet sponge and Fluval 50 HOB with a inlet sponge and kept the stock sponge and bio media. I installed the Biohome Ultimate in the two media trays on the 206, and kept the stock course sponges and the stock foam in the bottom tray.
It has been 2 weeks since installation and after have major problems before with ammonia and nitrates, I am extremely pleased with the results. My ammonia has dropped 0 ppm, nitrites are 0 ppm, and nitrates are less than 10 ppm and that is amazing, since the  water here is around 20-30 ppm right from the tap (well water in a farming area). My water is crystal clear, and the fish seem really happy.
Whenever I see someone posting questions on the forums asking about what to use for bio media, I recommend using the Biohome Ultimate media! This has exceeded all my expectations, and needs to be promoted more within the aquarium community. Thanking you again for such a great product!!
A EXTREMELY HAPPY fish keeper,