Aquatop/SunSun Filters

Aquatop CF-300/Sunsun HW-302

3 Trays Benjamin (Filstar XL) also owns a Sunsun HW-302 filter and provided this information about its capacity;

“I found that the Sunsun 3stage filter that I currently own held about 2 kg when I filled two of its three trays full with the media.” (Biohome Ultimate)”

Aquatop CF-400UV/Sunsun HW-303B

3 Trays  Capacity should be similar to CF-300/HW-302 requiring 2 kg of Biohome Ultimate if two trays are filled.

 Aquatop CF-500-UV/Sunsun HW 304B

4 Trays  A report from Lori Brooks indicates that 4 kgs of Ultimate are required if three trays are used.

Sunsun 704B

4 Trays 

I have some feedback that indicates the 704B will hold 6 kgs of Biohome Media if three trays are filled.