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Passion & Commitment

Great Wave grew out of a desire to find and develop the very best products for creating and maintaining ideal water for your aquatic livestock.  We stock only the best biological and mechanical filter media. In addition to this media suitable for ponds and aquarium of any size, GreatWave is now distributing Cloverleaf Blanket Answer and Sludge Answer to assist pond and aquarium users deal with String Algae. We are also distributing a line of resin products from RP Aquatics that deal with several troublesome water chemistry issues without adversely affecting the bio filtration system.

Leading Biological Filter Media

Biohome® Filter Media is made from sintered glass, fired from recycled glass to create a rugged porous biological media that’s both cost-effective and efficient. The sintering process creates a highly porous media that provides the ideal home to house billions of beneficial bacteria and unlike virtually all other biological media the center portion support anaerobic bacteria that breaks down nitrate completing the nitrogen cycle. It’s easy to clean and fast-acting.  Learn more about Biohome® Media.

Popular Biohome® Filter Media Products

Biohome® Ultimate

Biohome Ultimate

By far the most popular, the Biohome® Ultimate Media is what it says – it’s the ultimate biological filter media for canister, sump, and larger HOB filters. It outperforms other media in its ability to remove ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates from the water.  It contains trace elements including Titania, Alumina, Ferric Oxide, Lime, Magnesia, Potash, Soda, Phosphorus Pentoxide, Chromium Sesquioxide, Manganic Oxide, Zirconia, Hafnia, Zinc Oxide, Barium Oxide, Strontia, Stannic Oxide, Sulphur Trioxide.that support the growth of beneficial bacterial. This gives it its red color.  Learn more about bacterial growth.

Biohome® BioGravel

BioGravel is a relatively new product.  It is a great solution for upgrading BiOrb and other small tanks. BioGravel is our densest product. That means you get more of into a given space. It is perfect for HOB filters and many users add some along with Ultimate or one of the other larger media to fill in the gaps. Because of it’s small size and efficient packing it offers phenomenal surface area and effectiveness. It’s what I use in my koi pond filters.


Biohome® Brick

The Biohome® Brick   is brand new. It was developed for marine tanks and sumps. The large holes in the center and groves enhance water flow. The smaller holes admit frag mounts. The Brick is 8 1/4″x3 3/4″x1 7/8″ (209.55mm x 95.25 mm x 47.624 mm). It’s made from the same material as the other Biohome varieties, but is fired at a higher temperature for durability. It should last many times longer than comparable ceramic media. Believe it or not the Brick is so porous it will wick the entire 8 1/4″ when placed in a shallow tray of water.

Foam Filters for Mechanical Filtration

Good mechanical filtration is necessary for any filtration system, but is especially important when using Biohome® Media. Biohome’s secret is it’s incredibly large surface area due to the tiny internal spaces when the grains of sand are fused together. If you allow debris to clog these pores Biohome will be no more effective that a piece of gravel. GreatWave offers high quality Poret® foam filters in our store to upgrade or improve your mechanical filtration and insure the optimal functioning and efficiency of your biological filter.

3 Reasons to Choose Great Wave Biohome® Filter Media

  1. Great Wave Engineering is committed to the health of your aquatic habitats.
  2. We value quality, safe, and effective filtration products because we use them ourselves.  We only distribute media we use for our personal ponds.
  3. We’ve been the U.S. distributor for Biohome® Filter Media products for nearly 10 years, and are committed to customer service and quality products sold at the lowest everyday pricing.

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