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Title: The Nitrogen Cycle and How You Can Improve the Health of Your Tank!

As most fish enthusiasts know, the nitrogen cycle is the most important biochemical mechanism to understand and get under control for the health of the fish and their tank! But did you know that there’s more to the nitrogen cycle than most people realize?

According to RSPCA, the biggest contributing factor to fish loss/death is a failure on the fish owners’ part to properly understand the nitrogen cycle.

This means that there are things that even fish enthusiasts get wrong about this delicate biochemical mechanism. Discover the full truth about the nitrogen cycle and what you can do to have a healthy tank and happy fish. 

The Half Truth about the Nitrogen Cycle

The basic description of the nitrogen cycle is that when you feed your fish, they are naturally going to produce waste. This waste turns into ammonia, which is extremely toxic to your fish. Luckily, there are aerobic nitrifying bacteria, which consume ammonia and convert it into nitrites. Nitrites are also toxic to your fish, so a different set of aerobic bacteria then convert nitrites into nitrates. 

Nitrates are much less toxic to your fish, but for a healthy tank, nitrate levels should stay around 0-40 ppm. Most discussion of the cycle ends here, leaving frequent water changes as the only solution to nitrate control. But, there is an important step in the nitrogen cycle that often gets overlooked. 

The Full Truth about the Nitrogen Cycle 

What doesn’t get discussed enough is the very process that completes the nitrogen cycle. To close the nitrogen cycle, the final step involves anaerobic bacteria. Unlike aerobic bacteria, which depend on oxygen to survive and convert ammonia into nitrite and nitrite into nitrate, anaerobic bacteria thrive where little to no oxygen is available. 

Denitrifying anaerobic bacteria are a tremendous asset for any tank. While nitrates aren’t immediately lethal, levels over 40 ppm are considered harmful. They cause stress, making them more susceptible to diseases and damaging parasites. While you’ll always need to do water changes, large, frequent water changes are a pain and carry some expense. 

The best way to have a healthy fish tank! 

To reduce water changes and complete the nitrogen cycle in your tank,  youcan depend on a full complement of beneficial bacteria. There is no need to depend on expensive chemical treatments. Getting the right bio media for your tank is key to a healthy environment for your fish to thrive. 

The best and most effective bio media for your tank is Biohome® Media! What makes Biohome media different is that, unlike almost all other media, which only promote aerobic bacteria, Biohome media supports an enormous colony of both aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria. Because of its unique structure with very small pores, very little oxygen is able to getto the center section, which is perfect for the growth of anaerobic bacteria. 

Biohome® Media from GreatWave Engineering will help you to control your tank’s nitrite and nitrate levels so that your fish can thrive! 

Get healthier water and happier fish with Biohome® Media today!

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