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Sera has developed Super Peat pellets to reduce the pH for Tetra, Angelfish, Discus, Killifish, South American Dwarf Chichlids, African River Fish, Danios, Rasbora, Betta, Loaches, Plecs, Dwarf Shrimps, Corydora and most Catfish. The product contains mild humic acid which seeps out into the water gradually reducing the pH.

Sera intended this to be used as media in a canister or other filter. GreatWave doesn’t believe this is a very good idea. This stuff is strong. Our concern is that if placed in a filter or other high flow location, the pH might drop too fast. The product would also be used up very quickly.

The manufacturer’s recommended dosage is 8 to 20 grams of Peat for every gallon of water depending on the amount you wish to reduce the pH. We’d recommend starting on the low side and then gradually increasing the dosage to get the desired effect.

The GreatWave Super Peat Kit includes a 500 gram package of Sera Super Peat, 5 nylon socks and a half dozen tie wraps so you can create your own Peat Balls of the desired size.  We suggest placing them in your tank or sump were there is flow, but not excessive flow so that any change in pH will happen gradually.

Gravel and other buffering material may prevent the balls from lowering the pH as much as you’d like. Large water changes with hard water will also counteract their effect.

The manufacturer is indicating the peat should be active for at least six weeks. We expect it will last longer than that is used as described. We have been testing a ball for several months and it continues to reduce the pH from 7.8 to 6.0 overnight.

However, our test sample is a small amount of water. We hope to get user feedback indicating how long they last in a variety of conditions.

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