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Boy, if you’re plagued with String Algae or Blanket Weed you’re going to want to take a look at this. I was fighting it for about two years and it makes pond maintenance a real nightmare.

My weekly filter maintenance that took a minute or two became an every two day ordeal that took 10-15 minutes. Not much fun.

Fortunately, some of my Facebook friends from the UK posted about how they conquered the weed with Blanket Answer. I was desperate, so I ordered a small tub on Amazon. It took forever to arrive and it took the entire container to treat my pond and then it took a couple of weeks to completely clear the pond, but oh what a joy.

Based on my experience GreatWave decided to become a distributor. It’s now available for immediate delivery.

Most koi keepers in the UK suggest a 1/2 strength treatment. That’s what I’ve been doing with great results. There is a good chance you’ll need to treat regularly to keep the blasted stuff away.

If you have small amount hanging on to stones at the edge of your stream or pond, I found that applying a small amount of the powder directly on the algae will quickly wipe it out and may extend the period of time before it reappears.

The 800 gram package is rated to treat 2,240 gallons, but we’d suggest using for a pond up to 5,000 gallons.

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