Upgraded UNS Delta 60


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A snazzy little filter that can be configured as a canister or a hang on the back filter. GreatWave has upgraded this unit with improved mechanical media and 700 grams of Biohome® BioGravel media.

This should reduce nitrates in tanks up to 10 gallons. We operated the filter to see how long it would take to cycle and after it had cycled to reduce ammonia and nitrite to zero and then continued to see how much food it would handle.

You can view our videos of the upgrade and our testing on YouTube:

Episode 1: Upgrade

Episode 2: Starting Test

Episode 3: Fishless Cycle

Episode 4: Feeding Test

During our testing the filter operated flawlessly. It ran very quietly with absolutely no leaks. Now we’ve cleaned it up, installed fresh media and Filter Starter Balls and we’re ready to send it out to someone with a small tank looking for a quality filter at a great special price.

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Weight 6.625 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 14 in


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