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Koi-CLX removes chlorine and chloramine from tap water by physical absorption method before the water is introduced to the pond.  You’ll no longer need to worry about losing your koi to chlorine poisoning if you forget to shutoff the water or if your autofill fails.

This supports constant trickle makeup which is the very best way to maintain your water level as it has the least affect on water chemistry and temperature. Your koi can adapt to a wide range of water conditions, but they really don’t like rapid changes.

This larger model filters about 600,000 gallons of tap water at 2ppm chloramine, or 1,200,000 gallons at 4ppm chlorine – 10 years of operation for a 6,000 gallons pond with 10% water change per week. Unit is 8″ in diameter and 25″ tall.


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