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Package Size: 2″x3″, since the balls vary in size considerably from batch to batch and even within a batch. An order is now a full bag, the number of balls may vary.

Filter Starter Balls kick start your filter by releasing a steady stream of beneficial bacteria that goes to work consuming ammonia and nitrite. These gel balls were originally designed for use in moving bed filters, but are really effective in all styles of filters.

They can be used to start up a new filter or to help keep the levels of ammonia and nitrite under control in heavily loaded tanks. We recommend a quarter bag of of balls for 40 gallons of water. They are effective in both freshwater and marine systems.

When using the Filter Starter Balls, I’d suggest you place under the media so they won’t float away and leave the filter. If you are not confident you can retain the Balls in the filter, then I’d suggest you place them in a media bag.

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Dimensions 2.5 × 1.5 × .5 in

21 reviews for Filter Starter Balls

  1. Beth Cothern (verified owner)

    I will be receiving my filter starter balls today to add to my Biohome Ultimate Filter Media (love it). I am coming back to fish keeping after 20 years. I am excited to use these groundbreaking products. I am doing a fishless cycle and will add the starter balls to my Aqueon canister as instructed for my 55 gallon tank. At what point after my tank is established with my fish would it be advantageous to add another set of starter balls?

    • Don Chamberlain

      Glad to hear you like the Ultimate. I hope the Starter Balls help your startup go smoothly. I’ve always thought that once the filter was cycled and you had fish in the tank there would probably be adequate bacteria occurring naturally. However, I do add Starter Balls to each of my Koi Pond Filters every month and I have quite a few customers that order a bag or two periodically.

      I’m hoping they are seeing some benefit, but I’ve never really had feedback indicating why they’re adding Starter Balls periodically. I’m going to post this exchange on GreatWave TV to see if we can get any comments.

      The manufacturer recommends adding new ones monthly, but you certainly wouldn’t need to add a full bag that often. If you decided to use them regularly, I’d suggest a quarter bag each month.

      Good luck with your new tank, and…

      Happy Fish Keeping,

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