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The name says it all. Biohome Ultimate Media is the ultimate media for canister, HOB and sump filters.

1 kg occupies about 72 cu in. To see how much your filter requires return to the Home page and click on the link at the top, “How Much Do I Need”.

Biohome Ultimate is identical to Mini with the addition of trace elements, including iron and maganese, to support beneficial bacteria growth. Bacteria growth in Ultimate is very fast to control ammonia and nitrite.

Complimentary Filter Starter Balls (1/4 bag per kg)  are shipped with each order to speed filter maturity. It recovers quickly after the use of medications.

Biohome allows both nitrifying (aerobic) and denitrifying (anaerobic) bacteria to grow on and through it’s unique structure. This allows it to also control nitrates. Check the Rules of Thumb for Nitrate Reduction to estimate how much you’ll need to reduce the nitrates in your pond or tank.

Ultimate Media is a biological filter media and good mechanical filtration must be provided to insure the water passing through it does not contain any debris that might clog it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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118 reviews for Biohome Ultimate Media

  1. Dario

    very excited to put the New Maxi media in my sump looks amazing compared to the other stuff . Don from GreatWave Engineering was very helpful. I was very exited to meet him.

  2. J Spalding (verified owner)

    I gotta say that this is by far the best media I have ever used. I have been running biohome ultimate in my Marineland C360 canister for several months and decided to purchase an additional 2kg for my new Marineland C360. Along with running biohome, I use Chemi-Pure Blue and my water parameters couldn’t be any better. Absolute magic! Matrix and other media doesn’t even come close to what this has to offer. I challenge all of you to give it a try! Check out my YouTube channel as well. Thanks!

  3. josh

    Great product got to me very quick cant wait to see how its handled in my tank and what it brings to the table pics will come about a month from now after I see how it does thank you so far very happy tho

  4. Mike (verified owner)

    Ordered 4.5 pounds of BioHome Ultimate a few days ago and had it delivered in only a few days, thought that was great shipping time.

    Put the BioHome Ultimate in my Fluval 406 Canister filter. Filter has 4 media trays, bottom one I left with just the foam filter and the other 3 trays I filled with BioHome Ultimate. They also included for free about 10 Bio starter balls, thought that was cool of them. I put 3-4 balls in each tray directly on top the BioHome to help establish the Bio Colony faster.

    This is a 55 Gallon Cichlid Tank and we was having a major problem with Ammonia from 15 Cichlids in the tank and it being a tank only 2 months old. Time will tell if this filter media can do the job and keep my tank ammonia free once the bacteria colonies start growing in the BioHome.

    I left my Fluval 110 Hang on Back filter still on the tank working also, at least till the canister has been running for awhile to take over the job completely. The Fluval 110 sure was not doing the job by itself and why I bought the 406.

    If this new setup works out I will update and let you know how the new media is doing. But from what I read about BioHome Ultimate it should do well. Going to rate this high for now after seeing it first hand and reading about it on web, if things change I will let you know.

  5. Jesse Hill

    great product

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