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Biohome Plus Media is a compact media identical to Biohome Standard except that a variety of trace minerals have been added to enhance the media’s’ability to support beneficial bacteria growth.  It is distinguished by it’s red color.

Note, these trace elements are baked right into the media. They’re not going to be releasing large volumes of minerals into your tank or pond that might adversely affect your plants or marine life. Their purpose is solely to support beneficial bacteria growth.

It is intended for internal, external, sump and overhead aquarium filters.

1 kg occupies  between 79 and 82 cu in depending on your filter size. To see how much your filter requires  click on this link: “How Much Do I Need“.

Complimentary Filter Starter Balls (1/4 Bag per Kilogram) are shipped with each order.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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25 reviews for Biohome Plus Media

  1. Mark Espejel (verified owner)

    Just got my order in. Look Fwd to trying out this product. Heard about it a few years ago. Shipping was fast and packaging was solid. Thanks

    50 Gallon Hillstream Aquarium.
    Stiphodon gobies
    Hillstream loaches.

  2. Alicia (verified owner)

    Got my package super fast as always I am a happy customer the media has my planted tank crystal clear and my fish with bold colors so I know there happy thanks again Don

    • newfish

      Thanks Alicia,
      Glad it arrived so quickly. Thanks for your order, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping!

  3. Max Cichanowicz

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I’m so so pleased! They wrote me a personal leter with my name and the items I bought, very friendly! This is amazing media absolutely outstanding. One thing to note is it has a lot of dust on it from shipping so I put all of it in a bucket of dechlorinated water and took them out of the bucket to remove the dust.

  4. Darrin Benham

    I’ve had this product running in both of my freshwater tanks for 9 months now, all my levels are kept completely stable. Less frequent water changes are obtainable, this leads to extremely crystal clear water, no chemical filtration needed, no water odor. I have had a fish tank ,or two, or more running for more than 25 years of my life and this product is hands down the best out there on the market to buy. With that said, the ” pondguru” is a genius!!! He knows his sh**.

  5. Kenneth Badders (verified owner)

    I bought this media at the advice from Pond Guru, who uses YouTube, to answer questions and do how-to videos for people like me. He is one of the few people there with real knowledge of keeping fish (there are others) and I received the product a few months ago and was waiting to see if it did what was said it would do not that I had doubt but it doesn’t say to use it to cycle a tank with fish in it like I had to do. I was cycling my tank with it and I used neon’s and guppies in it and I guess I was given the confidence that with using this media I could do it without worrying about loosing any of these fish even though they are not good choices to cycle a tank and weirdly I wasn’t. I wasn’t going to do this but soon after I bought 2 bags of it my old tank broke and I had only one new one (40 Long) I was saving for when I decide what I wanted to do with it however this happened. Anyway I put this media in a new large canister filter I was also saving for the 40 long and this media came through for me as it not only kept the ammonia and nitrite levels very low and safe for my fish it also kept the water so clear it looked like there was no water in the tank and the fish were swimming in mid air at times. If it wasn’t for the air pump and filter bubbles you couldn’t tell sometimes. I am proud to say I didn’t loose a single fish and now the tank is cycled and has other fish in it. 6 Rams (different ones) a female beta and 6 Cory catfish (a few more later will be added). The water is so clean and clear I am very glad I made this choice and recommend it to anyone interested in needing to do what I had to do or simply wanting great looking water and aquarium.

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