Leaf Trap w/2″ Unions


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The Leaf Trap w/2″ Unions is required with the Wave III Variable Speed pump and should be installed in front of the Wave I 4800 or 7200 pumps as well.

The Leaf Trap traps leaves and any other large debris that would otherwise plug the pump. The clear lid allows you easily see excess debris so you can empty the basket before it begins to limit flow.

Molded dogs on the lid allow you to easily loosen the lid with a wooden or rubber mallet. The lid should always be tightened by hand.

A robust O-ring provides a reliable seal. The O-ring should be lightly coated with Silicon grease when first installed and periodically during service. Never use petroleum grease as it will destroy the O-ring in short order.

The Leaf Basket comes complete with 2″ Unions to connect with your pump and plumbing.

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