Montmorillonite Clay

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To order, select a Weight option. This will set the price per kilogram (2.21 lbs). Then indicate how many kilograms you want. Price per kilogram decreases as you select a larger range of weights. If you select the 500 gr package (1/2 kg), you can only order a quantity of 1.

This is the highest grade of Montmorillonite clay. There is no better clay available at any price!

This clay has been used by fish keepers around the World for years to add essential minerals to their pond or tank water, flocculate particulates leading to healthier fish with more vibrant colors and improved skin quality.

Montmorillonite Clay is sold by the kilogram.  1 kilogram of clay is 2.21 lbs. The recommended dosage is 1 Tbsp for 1,000 gals added every week. 1 kg of clay will treat about 46,000 gals of water.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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6 reviews for Montmorillonite Clay

  1. Ben Bryne

    This clay is absolutly awesome! I dosed 1/8th tsp into a shaker bottle of tank water and then put it into 10 gallons of fresh conditioned water for water change time. I agitate the water buckets before adding it to the tanks as it will eventually settle out. Each tank got a dose this way with a 20% water change. 2 biOrbs(15l,30l) 2 portrate 5 gallons, a 10 gallon and a 20 gallon long with only 10 gallons. I have done very few water changes since switching to biogravel and foam filtration, I adapted the biogravel and foam system into every tank I run. I only change water now when I vacume the detritus, maybe every two weeks. The water quality is always spot on since upgrading. Now to the adding the clay to my tanks, well… it looks so clear you almost think there IS no water in there! I mentioned the biogravel because I have seen no clogging up or clay shmutz on the biogravel so far, just 1 dose though, and the actual amount in each tank must be like a pinch or two at most. The colors of all the Bettas are super vibrant, the live plants look better, even the invertebrates show signs of improvement. The snails are really putting on beautiful color shell again and the shrimp finally molted within the first week of treatment. I see no negative action going on with water chemistry, just super clear clean tanks with happy inhabitants.

    • Don Chamberlain

      Thanks for the great review. I’m really glad to hear the Clay is working for you. Your review was especially helpful since you have observed the improvements in the appearance of your livestock and plants. That’s very interesting and I’m very glad to hear it.

      Stay safe, and…

      Happy Fish Keeping,

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