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I received a disturbing email from a customer some time ago. One of his Filter Starter Balls escaped from his filter while he was cleaning and before he could retrieve it one of his fish swallowed it. Unfortunately, the next day his fish was dead. This took me completely by surprise.

I expected the ball would have passed right through without causing any harm. I’ve lost balls into my pond before. It maybe that koi and larger fish can handle the balls with no problem, but from now on, I’ll be more careful.

When using the Filter Starter Balls, I’d suggest you place under the media so they won’t float away and leave the filter. If you are not confident you can retain the Balls in the filter, then I’d suggest you place them in a media bag.

These small 400 micron Media Bags are ideal for this purpose.

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Weight .03 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3.5 × .5 in

2 reviews for Media Bag

  1. Albert Delcampoz

    Thanks to Greatwave I finally got my Biohome ultimate on my sump for my predator tank.

    • Don Chamberlain

      Nice tank and nice filtration system. I like the way you put it in baskets for easy maintenance. Great video showing how to install the media properly. Thanks for the order. I hope the Ultimate does a great job for you. It should.
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  2. Max Cichanowicz (verified owner)

    Holds a lot of media and is easy to work with. I have one bag full of Biohome Ultimate Marine in my brackish tank Api canister xp1 and another bag of media in my On the back filter. Very use full for when you have to take the media to service filter.

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