RP Aquatics Ammonia Block


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Produced by RP Aquatics, another premier aquatic product supplier from the UK,  Ammonia Block is a premium-grade, nitrate selective, ion-exchange resin. It removes Ammonia quickly and safely from aquarium water.

It can be used for up to 12 weeks during tank startup without interfering  with the normal bio media cycle.

The RP Aquatics round PODs are a unique aquatic application allowing unrestricted flow within the canister filter . The package contains 3 PODs.


1 POD       0 – 65 Gal

2 PODs     65 – 200 Gal

3 PODs     200 – 395 Gal

6 PODs     Pond


  • Removes Ammonia

  • Works in a Wide Range of pH and Temperature Conditions

  • Great for Immediate Startup of Your Tank

  • Can Last up to 10 Weeks, Load Dependant

  • Can be Regenerated, See Details Here.

  • Suitable for Tropical and Coldwater Tanks

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