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Biohome Mini  Media is a smaller version of the popular Biohome Ultra Media. It is designed for use in smaller trickle tower and shower filters, as well as canister filters.

1 kg occupies about 72 cu in. To see how much your filter requires click on, “How Much Do I Need“.

It has a  extremely porous structure. The media allows both nitrifying (aerobic) and denitrifying (anaerobic) bacteria to grow on and through it’s unique structure.

Complimentary Filter Starter Balls (1/4 Bag per Kilogram) are shipped with each order. The media recovers quickly after the use of medications.

Biohome allows both nitrifying (aerobic) and denitrifying (anaerobic) bacteria to grow on and through it’s unique structure. This allows it to also control nitrates. Check the Rules of Thumb for Nitrate Reduction to estimate how much you’ll need to reduce the nitrates in your pond or tank.

Biohome Mini Media is a biological filter media and good mechanical filtration must be provided to insure the water passing through it does not contain any debris that might clog it.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

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24 reviews for Biohome Mini Media

  1. Dave L (verified owner)

    Long Term Review:

    Bought these back in Sept 2014, and they’re still working strong!

    Fishes and plants thrive the most with weekly water change and monthly filter clean. 2KG was more than enough for 2 trays (Eheim G90 for a 35 gallon tank), ended up giving some away to 1st time tank/fish owners.

    Over time the media will break into smaller pieces but they’re still effective.

    Forget using those carbon refills! Don’t cheap out! Highly recommend this product and won’t use anything else! Follow Pond Guru’s canister filter setup and you should be good for a long time!

    • Don Chamberlain (verified owner)

      This was a big surprise. You’re one of my earliest customers, order number 1048, now in the 32600s. We’ve come a long way baby! It’s great to hear the Mini has kept working for you for so long. Thanks for the great review. Have a great summer, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  2. Enkhee

    Bought this media and hoping that get result i want ! , after 2 weeks my water is crystal clear . Very satisfied with it. Strongly recommend to everyone in the hobby.

    • newfish

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad you got results so fast.
      Happy Fish Keeping!

  3. Jon Nash

    I got some of this through the ridiculously over priced eBay vendor before coming upon this option, anyways it took a solid 6 weeks to colonize and I had some seriously high nitrite and nitrate, ammonia never really spiked above .5 with a fish in cycle, but nitrites 2-5ppm and nitrates of ~60. Finally broke to about 1 nitrite and 20-40 nitrate, 2 days later? Flat Zero across the board. Stressful but when it got up to par boy did it ever do the trick!

    I have a single Penn-Plax cascade 1000 canister with the ceramic rings below, bottom most tray with the eggcrate style pond filter foam by coarseness, and the two top trays packed to the brim with mini ultra!

    I plan to add a second cascade in the near future and I will be splitting 1 tray into the second filter and nearly doubling the media.

    Morning after the cycle completed I have an Ich outbreak, well only one fish showing thus far but it’s obviously in the tank. So I cranked temp and we’ll see what happens! But it’s in my media! 🙁

    Fish were stressed from cycling and my tap water and tank is solid 8.2ph, with tetras and a dwarf gourami.

    Only one long fin black skirt tetra had the spots this morning but still stressful to leave and go to Work not knowing!

    • newfish

      Thanks for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback. Glad to hear the Mini finally came through and glad you found us. Best of luck with the ich.
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  4. Sparkles

    This is my 2nd review and nothing about this fantastic product has changed. Biohome mini media rocks. I was using this in a 55 gallon freshwater tank until Black Friday when I replaced it with a 150-gallon one. I put my old canister filtration in the new tank, but it is only rated for a 100-gallon tank so I purchased a larger one rated for 200-gallons and am running them both at opposite sides of the tank, both loaded with Biohome mini media and filtration media exactly as the Pond Guru shows in his review for setting up canister filters. I will NEVER stop using this product. Once you have gone through the initial cycle you are going to experience the best filtration for your tank, your Nitrates, Nitrites, & Ammonia all will remain at zero. (monthly water changes still required).
    All you need to do is standard tank maintenance & Biohome will provide the safest biological environment with the most crystal clear water imaginable.

    • newfish

      Thanks for the follow up review. It’s always great to hear how things are going longer term. I’m very glad to hear the Mini is rockin along. Happy New Year, and…
      Happy Fish Keeping,

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