6 1/2″ Foam Filter Set

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The Foam Filter Set consists of three sheets of Foam. 1″ thick Coarse Foam (10 ppi), 1″ thick Medium Foam (20 ppi) and 1/2″ thick Fine Foam (45 ppi).

Our foam is manufactured by EMW Filtertechnik GmbH in Germany. They manufacturer foam for many of the leading filter manufacturers such as Eheim and Fluval. It sells in the US under the name “Poret”.

Biohome media should only be placed behind an effective mechanical filter. We recommend using open pore reticulated filter foam as it is more uniform and reusable and can be easily cleaned and used for several years. Whenever possible we recommend using a stack of Coarse, Medium and Fine Foam in that order where the water flow hits the Coarse Foam first.

While open pore foam is readily available and quite inexpensive, you should be aware that most of this foam it is not suitable for use in an aquarium filter. All foam used in packaging and construction must contain flame inhibitors. This is impregnated in the foam and will leach out over time and is not something you want in your aquarium water.

GreatWave “Poret” Filter Foam is the highest quality filter foam available and we believe it is the  most effective mechanical filtration you can buy.  The foam can easily be cut to the appropriate size and shape for your filter with a sharp knife.

Note: Nominal sheet size is 6 1/2″x 6 1/2″. Actual size may vary a bit.

Additional information

Weight .09 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

4 reviews for 6 1/2″ Foam Filter Set

  1. Mike (verified owner)

    I was hoping that since GWE was the official distributed of the Pondguru that the course foam would be bummpy and have more surface area. I just kept the blue coarse foam out and left my fluval coarse foam in and added the rest. I’m still happy with my order and may use this once my fluval starts going lump.

    • newfish

      Sorry for your misunderstanding, but GreatWave is not a distributor for the Pond Guru, except for the Filter Starter Balls I get from him. Richard is just another dealer/distributor like myself except for longer. He is kind enough to refer US customers to me, just as I do for him when I get an inquiry from the UK. If you look at the top of our site you’ll see a link, “Not in the USA…”. If you click on this, you’ll see I provide information about how to contact Biohome dealers around the World.

      As for the foam. I started selling the “bumpy” foam, but I tested it along side the Poret Foam I’m currently selling. I discovered the “bumpy” foam didn’t work any better and didn’t last as long as I expected. That’s why I’ve changed.
      Happy Fish Keeping,

  2. Don (verified owner)

    I have tried different mechanical filtration foam media and find that this combination of Course (10ppi), Medium (20ppi), and Fine (50ppi) filtration is THE BEST!!! The quality of the foam material and design allows for water and debris to transition freely while providing for a crystal clear aquarium and happy fish. I use these to modify my HOB’s along with the Biohome Ultimate Media for superior mechanical and biological filtration. I highly recommend this Foam Filter Set along with Biohome Media for all aquarium filtration needs. My Thanks to Pond Guru and GreatWave Engineering for making these products available. AWESOME!!!

  3. JB (verified owner)

    Great quality mechanical filters. I have had several different sets that were either too coarse or not coarse enough (in the order the manufacturer suggested). These are perfect transitions from one pad to the next. They are very study and made a significant difference in the debris passing through my filter.

  4. Max Cichanowicz (verified owner)

    Fits all Api Filtar canister filters perfectly! Easy to clean and stops everything BUT the water!

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