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It’s all of our misfortune and non of your own. Our current stock of Sludge Answer expires 12/23. The silver lining is we’re still close to the start of the season when sludge buildup is at it’s worst.

So we’re dramatically lowering the price in hopes we won’t have a ton of worthless stock at the end of the year!

Sludge Answer contains natural beneficial bacteria to clean your pond or tank and clear your water naturally. Cloverleaf recommends that Sludge Answer be used after applying Blanket Answer.  It can also be used anytime you have a buildup of mulm for any reason on the bottom of your pond.

Apply at the rate of 100 ml to 264 gallons of water.  Mix 100 ml with 3/4 gallon of pond water and then apply by pouring around the sides of the pond.  1 cupful treats 625 gallons. Mix 1 cup with 2 gallons of pond water before applying.

Sludge Answer is safe for pets and wildlife. Keep out of reach of children. Use within 6 months of opening.

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