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A Masterpiece now available at an unbelievable price. Very limited quantity available.

Koi2Kichi is Peter Waddington’s follow up to his 1995 book “Koi Kichi”. Published in 2004, this is no ordinary koi book. Peter clearly put his heart and soul into this publication and was determined to produce a work of art as well impart as much as possible about the art of koi keeping and introduce the homeland of nishikigoi, Yamakoshi, to his readers.

Peter provides beautifully illustrated insight and witty advice that thoroughly covers:

Koi History
Koi Water
Koi Keeping
Details transporting, handling, diagnosis and treatment of disease and parasites
Pond Design and Construction
Koi Shows

And finally an entire volume dedicated to his exploration of Yamakoshi, his relationship with all of the breeders and their koi. You are invited along on a four day tour of the area, provided with a detailed map and a DVD that chronicles the trip in great detail narrated by Peter.

Koi2Kichi is a two volume set, packaged in a slipcover, with over 560 pages printed on high quality, glossy paper with numerous color photos. It includes a map of the Yamakoshi area showing the location of the tiny mountain villages housing the breeders and their koi. It also includes a DVD that chronicles the tours described in volume 2. DVD is PAL Region 0, so will probably not play on your DVD player, but will play on PC players like WinDVD.

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