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New Products at GreatWave

Are you experiencing too high levels of deadly compounds like ammonia, phosphate, nitrite or
nitrate in your tank? If no matter what you do you can’t seem to create a healthy ecosystem,
GreatWave Engineering has a new line of products that will transform your tank and keep your
fish happy and healthy!

GreatWave’s Line of Resin Pods

We now have a new line of Resin Pods available that are designed for individual fish keepers
and dealers. These Resin Pods help manage specific tank issues that may come up during startup
and operation.

Our Ammonia Block Pods are designed to eliminate ammonia during startup without interfering
with the bacteria forming in the Biohome. This helps to keep the beneficial bacteria high and the
ammonia low, so your tank can develop a healthy nitrogen cycle!

The Phosphate Gone Pods are available for water containing high levels of phosphate. Having
high levels of phosphate contributes to algae blooms in your tank, which can starve your tank of
the much-needed oxygen your fish need.

GreatWave also offers Carbon Clear to deal with medication, tannins and other contaminants
that might be interfering with the health of your tank.

And, we also have a Nitrate Remover! This is perfect for the beginning stages of your tank, but
it can really help with any phase of your tank because it helps to manage the level of nitrate until
denitrifying bacteria, a beneficial bacteria that consumes nitrate, develops.

New CloverLeaf Products!

CloverLeaf is a trusted UK-based company with an extensive line of tried and true aquatic
products and now GreatWave is supplying some of their amazing products!

CloverLeaf’s Blanket Answer is a well-known and decorated product that prevents blanket
weed as they call it in the UK, but in the US it’s known as string algae. Luckily, string algae
doesn’t have any negative effects on your fish, but it does affect the look of your tank and the
clarity of your water.

Sludge Answer is another CloverLeaf product that GreatWave is looking forward to supplying
as it works in conjunction with Blanket Answer or by itself to help maintain a clean and healthy
pond or tank.

As GreatWave obtains regulatory approvals, we will start to bring in more CloverLeaf products
so our customers in the US can benefit from these great, high-quality products.

GreatWave works hard to provide the best and most effective products to our customers and our
product lines are only getting better! Try one of our new products or look into our already
significant line of Biohome® Media, Mechanical Filters and Water Supplements. The
healthier your tank, the happier your fish!

Happy Fish Keeping!

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