Megan, Beavercreek

Just wanted to share with you the converted biOrb. It looks awesome! Very pleased with it and very simple to do following your instructions and templates. I was just curious, how often will I need to add more biogravel and how often do you have to add or change the filter balls?

Megan,I’m glad to hear your upgrade went smoothly and our instructions helped. We would expect the BioGravel to last many years. Four or five should be achievable.

You probably need to plan to tear down the BiOrb every 6 to 12 months so you can rinse out the Foam and rinse off the BioGravel. I can’t say for sure what the interval should be. You’ll just have to keep an eye on the tank and if the water parameters or the clarity degrades that is probably a sign for a cleanup.

The Starter Balls will only last a few months until they have melted away. Once they’ve done their job, there may not be any reason to replace them. But, if you do and it improves the water parameters or water clarity, you may want to replace them from time to time.

They should last a year sealed up, so if you want to try a bag, you could add an 1/8th of a bag every couple of months. I do have a number of customers that must be doing that since they order more every so often. But many people don’t, so I can be sure if they are really helpful or not.