KP, Marlboro

KP entered the largest Brick order we’ve seen to date. I had to ask what he was using them for. He replied with a description of his tank.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, the tank is 120” x 36” and 30” tall. The sump is about 96” x 20” and 18” tall. I’ve got a ton of ceramic rings in there now and plenty of room leftover. Water drains via 6 drains on the left, through six filter socks then flows straight across all the media with three Current 3170 gph pumps on the right side. I plan to stack the bricks immediately after the ceramic rings, which are already very well established.

He then followed up with photos of his tank and showing how he upgraded his sump. If you’ve got something similar, you might find this helpful.

KP is a pretty talented guy, musician and artist. You check out his tunes and artwork here: