The Endless River Story

GreatWave Endless River filters are based on the “endless river” concept developed by Peter Waddington and brought to the market in 2009. This concept features extremely easy regular maintenance and provides the ability to thoroughly disassemble and clean the filter to like new condition whenever required with very little effort. These filters are characterized by very fast start-up and highly efficient bio-conversion.1-Healthier Water

GreatWave has combined these features with BioHome BioMotion media in moving-bed modules to provide even more efficient bio-conversion. We believe the GreatWave Endless River Koi Pond Filters provide the smallest, most efficient mechanical filtration and bio-conversion on the market.

3-We Believe

 4-Smallest and Most Effective 5-Biological Conversion

To view the report on the testing of the ER 1 Prototype click here: [ilink url=”″]ER-1 Prototype Test Report[/ilink] 

All GreatWave Endless River Koi Pond Filters are handcrafted to meet your specific requirements. Our wide range of models and options will meet the requirements of any quality koi pond. Call us today at

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