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Charles, Pittsburgh

Charles Sala 1

Charles Sala 2

I have a lot of fish, Guppies and planted the tank to the max -Good light No algae to speak of.  I put a cap full of Dr Tim’s Waste Away every day to eat PooP ,

I keep Nitrates just marginally under control with 50% water changes at least once a week.  All other parameters are near Zero

I have a 4 tray canister, Marineland 360 rated for up to 100 gallons, have a 30 gallon tank with two hand on filters as well.

November 7:

I had two trays with BioHome About April 20 I added BioGravel to the two trays to add mass by filling the little voids in the BioHome.

May 1:

I now have  1 tray of floss and polishing filter to keep your product clean at the bottom with 3 trays over the filtered water of combination BioHome and BioGravel to get the maximum amount of material in the trays to control Nitrates

Will Keep you posted

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Biohome is here!!

The new website has been up now for a few days.  The performance seems pretty good and I haven’t found any bugs for awhile.  If you see some, please let me know.  We want your experience to be as smooth as silk.

And, if you like what you see, please give us a Like or Share with your friends.  We’ll appreciate it.

The big news is that the complete line of Biohome media is now available at GreatWave.  Biohome sintered glass media is the best filter media available and GreatWave has the best prices in the US.  If you’re looking for great media for you aquarium filter, trickle tower or koi pond filter you’ve come to the right place.

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GreatWave Turns Two!

GreatWave just turned two.  Like all toddlers, our progress has been pretty slow, but we’ve sold two filters, innards for another, a number of books and some accessories, so we feel like we’re gradually getting our feet on the ground.

A good part of the first two years was spent rebuilding the pond at Koten-En, the Japanese style garden where Endless River filters are made.   The pond at Koten-En and a 600 gallon Quarantine Tank are test beds for our filters.  We’ve learned a lot from operating the filters on these ponds and as a result have been busily designing improvements to the filters.  You can check out what’s happening at the pond anytime by clicking the link to the Koten-En Pond Log at the top of the page.

In 2014 we’re starting afresh with a new improved website, and a complete new line of filters and a whole new line of filter media.  Endless River Koi Pond Filters are still based on Peter Waddington’s “Endless River” concept and share all of the attributes that have made Peter’s filters popular with a wide range of koi keepers around the World.  The easy flushing, the ability to see everything that’s going on in your filter, the economical operation.

The Endless River filter line includes four models to meet the needs of any pond.  All models are the same width and height.  They differ only in length and the number bio-conversion modules.

Each bio-conversion module is a moving bed filter and  is filled with Biohome BioMotion sintered glass media.  This small marble sized media has enormous surface area and is self cleaning as it slowly tumbles inside it’s housing.  Bacteria swiftly populate the BioMotion media without laying down the sticky biofilm that gradually plugs other media.

We’re very excited about this new development.  Keep an eye on this site as we publish the results when we bring these online at Koten-En.

Email or call us today to discuss your pond project.

(408) 594-4161
[email protected]
Happy Koi Keeping!