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Cheryl asked:

Uses of Biohome Ultimate/plus media

Are either of these products recommended for reducing NITRATE levels in marine aquaria? I have a 125 gallon saltwater tank with 1 very large queen trigger fish living in it. Trace elements listed are safe for this species? Please advise.

Thank you!

With no real evidence in hand, I did the best I could to answer:


Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to demonstrate nitrate reduction using Biohome media yet. I’m working on a trickle filter in my waterfall using Ultimate media that I hope will help.

Biohome Ultimate should work very well in your tank. Plus would work as well, but I believe Ultimate is a much better media.

While claims have been made that Biohome media will reduce nitrate, the manufacturer points out that anaerobic bacteria grow much slower and it will take 4 to 6 months to see any reduction. The best I can suggest is to check out the Pond Guru’s video:

I think you’ll find it interesting. Hope you had a great holiday, and…

Happy Fish Keeping,

To which Cheryl replied in the style of ee cummings:

dear mr. chamberlain,

thank you very much for your prompt attention. i watched pond guru’s movie and it defines my problem to a tee. elizabeth, my giant queen trigger, is wild caught. i have no anaerobic bacteria because the crazy fish blows on the sand all day looking for food. i will be purchasing enough biohome ultimate to stock in all three of her filters.

thank you again,


I shipped the Ultimate media she ordered and hope I can soon add a photo of her Trigger Fish here.

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